Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's the Preferred Term - 6/28/2011

Recap from last post: We had a response for both the terms from Burks who suggested "lateral ocellus" and "frontal depression" for the corresponding classes HAO:0000481 and HAO:0000911 respectively. Unless there is consensus against it, we will make the according changes.

For this week:

ID: HAO:0000221

HYMGLOSSARY LINK: http://glossary.hymao.org/projects/32/public/ontology_class/show_expanded/1072

DEFINITION: The area of the integument that is weakly sclerotized, with thin exocuticle.

TERM OPTIONS: arthrodial membrane, conjunctiva, corium



ID: HAO:0001393

HYMGLOSSARY LINK: http://glossary.hymao.org/projects/32/public/ontology_class/show_expanded/1595

DEFINITION: The area that is extends between the lower (anerior) eye margin and the anterolateral margin of the cranium, and its width is delimited by the width of the mandible.

TERM OPTIONS: cheek, malar area, malar region, malar space

HOMONYM NOTES: "cheek" is also used for the class "HAO:0000200: The area that is located ventrally in between the eye and the oral foramen"; "malar space" is also used by the class "HAO:0000503: The anatomical line that is the shortest between the lower orbit and the ventrolateral margin of the cranium"

- WHAT TERMS (from the above options) would you use to refer to these concepts?
- ARE THERE terms that we are missing for these concepts?

Please remember to send replies to the emailing list (hao@lists.hymenopterists.org) and not just the original sender.

If you would like to reply to the questions above or have comments, questions, suggestions, etc., please sign up for the HAO email list and post your views there. We will not be moderating WTPT discussions here on the blog.

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