Monday, June 13, 2011

What's the Preferred Term - 6/13/2011

Recap from last post: Jennings suggested the preferred term "metathoracic spiracle" for the class "HAO:0000769: The spiracle that is located dorsally on the border between the mesopectus and the metapectus" so we will provide that accordingly. For the second class "HAO:0001665: The sulcus that is longitudinal and extends posteriorly of the first abdominal spiracle" we had some discussion (initiated by Burks) about the validity of the definition and labels having to do with a sulcus, something that cannot be determined easily for all groups. An agreement was made to possibly substitute "groove" for "sulcus". For now, we will go with Burks' suggestion of using "postspiracular furrow" until a better definition can be achieved.

For this week:

ID: HAO:0000292


DEFINITION: The carina that delimits posteriorly the epicnemium.

TERM OPTIONS: acetabular carina, epicnemial carina, prepectal carina

HOMONYM NOTES: "acetabular carina" is also used for the classes "HAO:0000080: The area that is located medially on the epicnemial carina" and "HAO:0001428: The area that is located on the epicnemial carina posterior to the site of origin of the omaulus"; "prepectal carina" is also attributed to the class "HAO:0001803: The carina that divides the prepectus for the vertical lateral portion and the horizontal, ventral prepectal shelf".


ID: HAO:0000468


DEFINITION: The area that is located laterally on the axilla and is delimited medially by the axillar carina.

TERM OPTIONS: lateral axillar area, lateral axillar surface, lateral panel of axilla, outer panel of axilla, postalar plate, posterior alar plate


- WHAT TERMS (from the above options) would you use to refer to these concepts?
- ARE THERE terms that we are missing for these concepts?

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