Monday, July 18, 2011

What's the Preferred Term - 7/18/2011

Recap from last post: It has been a while since the last post (grants!!!) but last time both Jennings and Fernandez Triana both suggested "malar space" for the class "HAO:0001393: The area that is extends between the lower (anerior) eye margin and the anterolateral margin of the cranium, and its width is delimited by the width of the mandible". As for the class "HAO:0000221: The area of the integument that is weakly sclerotized, with thin exocuticle" we will keep the label "conjunctiva" since no one had any opinions.

For this week:

ID: HAO:0000889


DEFINITION: The area that is located proximally on the scape, is limited distally by a constriction and bears proximally the basal knob.

TERM OPTIONS: antennal condyle, articulatory bulb, radicle, radicula



ID: HAO:0000504


DEFINITION: The sulcus that extends between the ventral margin of the compound eye and the base of the mandible.

TERM OPTIONS: frontogenal suture, genal sulcus, malar groove, malar sulcus, subocular groove, subocular sulcus

HOMONYM NOTES: "malar groove" is also used for the class "HAO:0001394: The groove that extends between the compound eye and the base of the mandible"


- WHAT TERMS (from the above options) would you use to refer to these concepts?
- ARE THERE terms that we are missing for these concepts?

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