Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What's the Preferred Term - 5/3/2011

Recap from last week: For the first class, "HAO:0000395: The sclerite that is located distally of the gonostipes" we will keep "harpe" as the preferred term (as suggested by Schulmeister), but have added "harpago" to the list of synonyms as suggested by Yoshimura. For the second class, "HAO:0000920: The line that traverses the alinotum between the postmedian notal wing processes", Burks suggested "scutoscutellar suture" be the preferred term.

For this week:

ID: HAO:0000492

HYMGLOSSARY LINK: http://glossary.hymao.org/projects/32/public/ontology_class/show_expanded/816

DEFINITION: The apodeme that is located laterally on the postnotum.

TERM OPTIONS: accessory sclerite of 4th axillary sclerite, lateral lobe of secondary phragma, laterophragma, lateropostnotum, mesopostnotal apodeme, muscle bearing process of mesopostphragma, postalar bridge, postalare



ID: HAO:0000625

HYMGLOSSARY LINK: http://glossary.hymao.org/projects/32/public/ontology_class/show_expanded/623

DEFINITION: The area that is located posteromedially on the metanotum, is delimited laterally by the metanotal trough and corresponds to the reservoir of the dorsal vessel.

TERM OPTIONS: dorsellum, metanotal plate, metascutellum, postscutellum

HOMONYM NOTES: "postscutellum" is also attributed to "HAO:0001809: The area that is located medially on the dorsellum and bears the metanotal flange."

- WHAT TERMS (from the above options) would you use to refer to these concepts?
- ARE THERE terms that we are missing for these concepts?

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If you would like to reply to the questions above or have comments, questions, suggestions, etc., please sign up for the HAO email list and post your views there. We will not be moderating WTPT discussions here on the blog.

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