Monday, April 25, 2011

What's the Preferred Term - 4/25/2011

Recap from last week: For the first definition, "HAO:0001358: The pit that corresponds with the mesopleural apodeme", Fernández-Triana and Jennings both agreed that "mesopleural pit" is the most clear and accurate term for that class. For the other class, "HAO:0000735: The carina that is located laterally on the propodeum" there was much discussion regarding the identity of the class (in relation to other carinae on the propodeum of Ichneumonoidea and Chalcidoidea), but otherwise the term "plica" was chosen as the preferred one.

For this week:

ID: HAO:0000395


DEFINITION: The sclerite that is located distally of the gonostipes.

TERM OPTIONS: distal segment of gonopod, dististyle, gonoharpe, gonosquama, gonostylus, harpe, harpes, harpide, palette, paramere, squama, telomere

HOMONYM NOTES: "paramere" (, and "squama" ( have been used for other classes.


ID: HAO:0000920


DEFINITION: The line that traverse the alinotum between the postmedian notal wing processes.

TERM OPTIONS: para-axillary suture, scutellar suture, scuto-scutellar suture, scutoscutellar suture


- WHAT TERMS (from the above options) would you use to refer to these concepts?
- ARE THERE terms that we are missing for these concepts?

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