Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The HAO is seeking a programmer!

Human resources has just finalized the paperwork and we are happy to announce a new position is available within the HAO team. We're looking for a full time programmer to support the development of the Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology, and its integration into the broader world of biodiversity informatics. The fine details are available in the links below, but in general we're looking for someone with solid experience developing web-based APIs for data exchange. This is a perfect opportunity for a recent graduate who wants to program full time while maintaining their involvement with an academic setting.

We're very excited about this position, we already have a great working group together, including world class morphologists and top notch students, and with this new addition we should have the opportunity to explore some really interesting projects.

If you have questions about the position don't hesitate to contact us through links on the lab page listed below.



  1. I did not find this position 101506. Is this still available ? If so, can I have your email Id, so that I can send my resume to you.

  2. The position is now closed for applications. If it reopens we will mention it here again.