Thursday, August 20, 2009

Come work with us!

Undergraduate Position Available Immediately for Fall Semester

The Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology (HAO) project is looking for a student interested in learning biodiversity informatics, library science, entomology, imaging and scientific illustrating techniques, modern museum studies and Web design.

Hours are flexible, but will be between 8am-5pm.
Salary: $8.50 per hour (10-15 hours a week)

Responsibilities may include:
* extraction of data from historical/scientific texts (primary responsibility)
* testing and design of Web-based tools for outreach (i.e., educating non-scientists
about insects, insect anatomy, and biodiversity informatics)
* development of visual/semantic Web interfaces for novel rapidly growing dataset
* learning light microscopy imaging techniques
* learning and illustrating Hymenoptera anatomy
(i.e., what the body parts of ants, bees, wasps, and sawflies are called)

More information about the HAO project is available:

Contact: Katja Seltmann: katja_seltmann (at) ncsu (dot) edu; Room 3212 Gardner Hall; 5-2833

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